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The texturing for this scene was created in Photoshop, mixed together with other maps. The surfaces for the statues were created mostly with pure shaders.

I set up the model mapping using the standard UVW Map option and then laid them out using Unwrap. The layouts were then exported to Photoshop using Textporter. Overall, the mapping was relatively simple, using Spherical and Planar on the statues.

I'd planned to create the yellow-orange walls and exteriors using special lighting, but instead I opened the 20 or so maps that were applied to the architectural pieces in Photoshop and re-painted it them with shades of orange. This was a much simpler method that took only five minutes and created a satisfactory result.

The scene materials were mainly solved by Brazil Basic and Advanced shaders, which also saved me a lot of work. The dome material proved a challenge as it consists of eight pieces of different maps. I used a Shellac A material on it, though it took three hours before I was satisfied with the look.

There was a problem with the reflective properties of the water. The fog and trees didn't reflect very well. So I created a special reflecting sky map that included these details, and used that.

I used four lights and a subtle amount of global illumination for the basic overall lighting. Additional lights were used to lift the fog, which was created with Afterburn3. The illumination has the warm coloring of the setting sun, evoking the original painter's ideal. For the two main lights I used Brazil Ray Shadows (sphere area modification) to achieve the softest dissipation of shadows. For the other lights I used standard Type Shadows Map ( Sample Range set for Fuzzy illumination). I used one light for speculars, and I used a sky light for Global illumination with a dark red colorization.

I rendered the piece in 3ds max 6 using Brazil 1.2. I rendered it using three different layers (as mentioned earlier) and I then composited it together in Photoshop. I modified the colors and pre-exposure of the image in Photoshop as well. I rendered it on my machine which is a dual AMD Athlon MP 2.2GHZ, 2GB RAM with Radeon 9600 pro, to a resolution of 1200x600 which took approximately 6 hours

In the end I would like to thank Stephen Hickman for excellent 2D artwork that so inspired me to create this image over a period of five months (about 140 hours of actual time).

My name is George “Jiri” Adamec; known online as Astil. I live in the Czech Republic. My hobbies are 3D graphics, sport, clever women and my Audi TT. In 3D graphics I prefer making real human characters, but sometimes I try other styles, as you can see in this Fantasy Life.

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