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CGU: What do you do in your time when you are not on the computer?
Itīs really few time. I don’t have time to be out away from the PC :) . But now seriously. Majority of my time I spend with my girlfriend, she is my friend or I make a detour for beer with my friends. Sometimes I go to fitness centrum or swimming so that my body donīt sit by the pc only.
CGU: On your Peugeot Image, did you use any blueprints to construct it? Or have any tips for others who are setting out to model vehicles?
Yes, I had blueprints of course. I think I searched it in google and it was originals from Peugeot. And you can find some photos from the different angles in internet too. But we have this car in the garage so that if I wasnt certain I walked into our garage and looked at it from the other angle or did aphoto. Itīs the best pattern to have it at home :).
This car is done by polygon technique. Similar tutorials are offered more and more now so that there isnīt problem to get it.
CGU: Do you listen to music when you are modeling? What type?
I think itīs not possible work without music :). It quiets me because I am very fed-up with my 3D job sometimes and I have a great taste bang to something. And if the music is playing I am more quiet. :)
CGU: Have you done any recent or past traveling?
I was skiing in our country in Janske Lazne, Cerna Hora. On March I go skiing to Italy (Aprica). And I hope there will be some holiday time in summer too.
CGU: Right or Left Handed? Do you feel that being either one has an impact on the artwork?
I am right-hand er but I don’t think it has any influence
CGU: Longest time you have stayed up to finish a project/s?
Longest time I worked is 20 hours. I didn'tīt want go to W.C., I drank 0,3 liter mineral water and I had no meal. Simply I had so much eat in work that I didn't care about anything.
CGU: Any Pets or animals in the house?
My Dog Max :) tom-cat Mourek, girlfriend Ilona :)
CGU: Thanks for taking the time for the interview and not having us cook.
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