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Hi, my name is Jiri Adamec. My nickname on the internet is Astil. I am 23 years old and live in the Czech Republic (a smaller country in the heart of Europe). My hobbies are 3D graphic mainly, then sports, clever women and my car. In the 3D sphere I do realistic human characters mainly.

CGU: Out of the different types of models, do you have a favorite to do, between architecture, characters and cartoon?
I think I am quite all-round 3D graphic designer. I made cartoons, cars, characters, architecture etc. But I do prefercreating characters and everything connected with it.
CGU: With the advent of new technologies, fast machines, normal mapping etc.. How do you view the industry in 5 to 10 years?
In my opinion machinery and their speed are developed slowly. I would embrace quicker. Somebody “on high” break it maybe. :).
As regards graphic aspect I think development is the most perceptible and fastest by the games. On the other hand it´s true they gain and copy classic high end 3D and try squeeze it into their real-time engine. So that shaders are appearing already and more and more complex models with normal mapping, better lighting and shadows and others. In 5 years in the games there will be quality lighting and models suggestive high poly more than low poly.

Respecting 3D software development I think there is inhibitory tendency. But the reason can be that before several years there was jump to the dynamism, clothes, real simulation of the liquid. Now its destined to the higher speed, perfection, simplicity and easier access to user. In my opinion software's will try make work with mesh faster because it’s the basic element. Without the mesh, it isn't possible. All the time tools for the improvement of human mimicry, human behavior and gesture (deformation of the skin according to muscles will be more and more ordinary and easier) will be improving. I think even then, the PC will be slow for us. :)

We will want to work on the several things at a time and show high poly animation in the view port etc. Graphic designer will have larger demands always. During 10 or 15 years we could prance about in our view ports in the 3D glove and 3D glasses on the eyes possibly. But this technology would have be perfect, more accessible and more ordinary in order for the PC community to care.

CGU: What is your favorite image that you have created? Why?
My the most favorite picture is the last I do mostly :) . But faulted the picture was Afro_man by me. I created it few days only but it helped me a lot. Generally I do these pictures so that I prove to me I manage it in the quality that I want.
CGU: When do you find you are the most creative?
When I look inspiration in internet I view images of the various style and design. And if I see something it must be provacative for me and it must be very heavy in creation. In this moment I have the greatest taste to walk in to it and create.
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