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482.79€ w. TAX (only CZech republic)
High Detailed Photorealistic Cat British, completely UVmapped and smoothable, made with 3Ds Max 2014
+ Hairfarm+MOrphing
The scene is just a sitting animation(pose).
Please Use the Layers.
For faster rendering and stability.
It is a basic scene divide into two scenes (Fur render and Vray render)
BASE SCENE is: Cat_fur.max
Materials in both stages are attached and the lights are the same.
1frame fur : 3 minutes, 1280x720
Scene is created in 3dsmax 2014, Vray 2.4,
This animal can correct version: 3dsmax 2014, Vray 2.4 + Hairfarm2,
Body DIffuse: 6144x6144
Body specular: 6144x6144
Eye color Diffuse: 400x400
Fur mask generate:6144x6144
Fur frizzl:6144x6144
Morph target:
close mouth
Cuss Astil
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