The model I created for the company VOLTA. The project Lightbringers. 
It is a model created in the cinematic trailer. I created the model + textures 
Credits: Producer: Tomas Roller ,Art director: Sunder Raj ,Concept: Jiri Svetinsky

Mercedes-Benz Class A

Movie-stil created this ad at the commercial THI3DEYE.It is completely created in 3D.Full 3D&2D post was created by Jiri AdamecMartin Kermes made a visual idea. More info there:


I created this short movie video for my pleasure because Lamborghini Gallardo is favourite car for me.
I wanted try out the whole pipeline: scheme and storyboard , modelling, lighting, rendering, 2D postproduction and effects, cutting, sound and general impression.
All that video is created in 3D and 2D postproduction. It´s done like as fictive Lamborghini advertising.
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I like create real subjects and this project was one of them.I had modelling and texturing of Panther and hairs in charge. I created countenance of face (anger) via Morph moreover.
My friend Lukaš (Loocas) Duběda cared for rigging and animation.

Client: LivDucci