Price: 490.00€
592.90€ w. TAX (only CZech republic)
High Detailed Photorealistic Velociraptror UVunwrapped and smoothable, made with 3dsmax 2014
This model has a clean geometry based on quads and loops. 
Rigging in Cat. 
Animation: loop walk


You can get when buying ZBrush file+game model (in Marmoset)

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Ready to render : Vray
- eyes, corneas and tusks are modeled separately
- 8k High resolution texture :
-Color.tga (8192x8192)
-reflect.jpg (8192x8192)
-bumpl.jpg (8192x8192)
-Displacement.jpg (8192x8192)displace 32bit exr.
- eyes, corneas, teeth , tongue and gum are included and modeled separately.
Cus Astil
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